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Lead Baits our exclussive feature customized for your websites from LeadsGen Magic enables customer acquisition by generating a pipeline of leads. More over prospect nurturing and scroing of prospects its design to enhances conversion.

Our Steps to Accelerate Sales

Create a pipeline for leads for your sales and marketing team from your anonymous websites user. LeadsGen Magic help you find new leads and gives your insights to effectively engage with that.

Engage the User

The key to user engagement is digital visibility: potential customers need to be able to find you before you can hope to have a successful interaction.

Through an array of special services, we help generate the ideal content for your website, and ensure it is published at the appropriate times, as every market segment has certain days and timings that are most profitable. This helps you effectively allocate resources, cutting costs and positively impacting the bottom line.

Once this keyword rich content is published on the right platform at the right time, you will see a huge increase in the footfall to your website due to the strategic increase in your digital visibility.

The frequency of updates that can be automated through Orbyo also have a huge positive impact on engagement and visibility. Frequent transactional updates are also missing from websites, even though they are instrumental in increasing footfalls.

Intelligent Interaction

LeadsGenMagic’s AI capability gives each website user a different experience every time they visit your website. It is also adept at learning user behaviour and predicting future consumer habits, and then displaying content specific to the user based on all of this information.

These interactions also gather data on user habits, ensuring that when you decide to reach out to the customer, you will know what to say, whom to have say it, and at exactly what time, making a conversion far more likely. Think of our AI capability as a warm electric blanket, that gently heats up your cold leads while making sure they are nice and comfortable.

We have a UX feature known as Lead Baits ensure these interactions are repeated and not just one-off. Lead Baits engage users based on content they would find most interesting and add in an irresistible hook that will ensure they come back.

These intelligent interactions also ensure a low bounce rate (that is, users don’t leave without clicking through and showing a fair amount of activity) which is important for your search engine optimisation: these low bounce rates keep your search engine ranking high, once again increasing your digital visibility and ultimately accelerating your sales.


The majority of visitors on your website will be anonymous. That is people who have not given you any information about themselves and haven't made any enquiries. The capability to generate leads from anonymous web visitors has been tremendously beneficial to our B2B clients. LeadsGenMagic helps you find these new leads, and gives you enough insights to effectively engage with them.

This can also help you interact with your customers directly through your site, collating relevant information that they would like to see, making for a mutually beneficial online experience.

LeadsGenMagic’s Geo targeting and geo-data visualisation is another fantastic way to find the location of browsers on your website and show them location specific content. Visitors to your website will see content that is unique to or has performed well with other users from their location. You get access to an analytical dashboard with geo visualisation

Aside from anonymous users, these services also help you better understand users who have not yet converted into customers; we can help provide crucial insights to help them go from casual browsers to customers that keep coming back! These insights are analysed to help you craft a marketing strategy aimed at generating leads from anonymous users and those that have not yet made a purchase or enquiry.

By analysing this data to create a pipeline of leads for your sales and marketing team, we help ensure that you get the most out of the traffic to your website.


Once you have your leads, their prospect scores, and all the other relevant data, you can choose to actually connect with the client and eventually close the sale.

We have a special automated allocation service that makes sure each lead is specifically allocated to the sales executive best suited to the lead. The relevant data on that prospect is provided to the sales executive, and this data includes exactly what time is best for making the call. LeadsGen helps you monitor the sales staff to make sure they do follow up; our automated escalation metrics notify the sales executive and give them periodic reminders to follow up with the prospective client. Our leads movement is tracked, monitored and escalated to make sure the organisation does not lose out due to employee negligence.

Data is collected from the sales call and coordinated with the CRM team, who are also intelligently empowered by our software to make sure they follow up and close the deal.

Our business strongly believes that conventional companies, rather than being threatened or disrupted by technology, should ride the tech wave to success, using software platforms like ours to help them reach greater audiences, engage with them more effectively, allocate resources more profitably and ultimately grow stronger through technological advancement. Motivated by this core value, we work extremely hard to make sure your sales and CRM teams are made more productive and profitable through our platform, and that connecting with the client will end in a conversion.

Contract Signed

If you have followed through on our process, then congratulations! Odds are you have achieved more conversions than ever, and have effectively converted a significant portion of your 85% that you couldn’t close with before. Sales is a game of numbers, and you need the complex calculations that only a highly sophisticated AI platform can do if you want to win.

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